Activities and things to do

Etosha National Park – day trips

We offer day trips to the Etosha National Park by prior arrangement. We are situated Xkm from the Andersson gate. You can expect to see a big variety of game during your visit to the park – even lions if you’re lucky! Please note that the park is only open from sunrise until sunset.

A visit to an Ovahimba settlement – day trips

We offer daily excursions to an Ovahimba settlement and we highly recommend this incredible experience.

The Himba wear minimum clothing, but the women are famous for covering themselves with a mixture of butter fat, ochre and herbs to protect themselves from the sun. The mixture gives their skin a reddish tinge. The mixture symbolizes earth’s rich red colour and the blood that symbolizes life. Women braid each others hair and cover it in the ochre mixture. The traditionally nomad pastoral tribe of the Himba or Ovahimba still live in very primitive manner in the Kaokoland. Initially they belonged to the Herero and in comparison to them they have preserved most of their traditions.

The Himba, especially the women, are noted for their unusual sculptural beauty, enhanced by intricate hairstyles and traditional adornments.
A family may move from one home to another several times a year to seek grazing for their livestock. Men, women and children wear body adornments made from iron and shell beads.

The Himba breed cattle and goats. The responsibility of milking the cows lies with the women. Women take care of the children and one woman will take care of another woman’s child. Women tend to perform more labour-intensive work than men, such as carrying water to the village and building homes.

Trips to Damaraland, Kaokoland and Sossusvlei

We offer trips to Damaraland, Kaokoland and Sossosvlei via Swakopmund. It’s important to pre-book your trip!

Walking tours on the farm

We offer walking tours on the farm. This is a great way to explore nature and you’ll learn a great deal about Namibian wildlife and nature on this outing. Please book your walking tour in advance.

Game drive

Among others we have giraffes, eland, kudu, oryx, springbuck, blue and black wildebeest, hartebeest, duiker, Impala, steenbuck, cheetah, warthogs and many other species. If you’d like to book a game drive, please enquire at reception. Below is a video of a herd of eland visiting a waterhole on the farm.


Bird watching

We have a number of bird species living on the farm. Ask at reception about the best viewing spots!